STAB99LD Airbox

This large diameter box uses the larger diameter filters so is good for higher output engines. It has a 102mm inlet so this size ducting can easily be routed to a nice cool area in the engine bay

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Manufactured in the United Kingdom
Manufactured in the United Kingdom

A - (Length) Measurement taken from airbox inlet (C), to filter spinning outlet (D).
Rebated ARAB Spinning reduces length by approx. 20mm 

B - (Width) Measurement taken at widest point of filter lid spinning.
Do not measure from screw to screw. 

C – Inlet (Dirty air in) measurement taken as internal diameter.
See table for duct sizing guide.

 D – Outlet (Clean air out) measurement taken as internal diameter, and relates to ARAB spinning used.
See table for silicone hose sizing guide.

  All dimensions are in (mm)

STAB99LD Airbox Size Options
Part No. A (Length) B (Width) C (Inlet) D (Outlet)
STAB99LD/67R 234.00 196.00 99.00 70.00
STAB99LD/80 271.00 196.00 99.00 83.00
STAB99LD/80R 233.00 196.00 99.00 83.00
STAB99LD/86 265.00 196.00 99.00 89.00
STAB99LD/86R 233.00 196.00 99.00 89.00
STAB99LD/93 258.00 196.00 99.00 96.00
STAB99LD/99 259.00 196.00 99.00 102.00
STAB99LD/114 255.00 196.00 99.00 117.00
STAB99LD/124 252.00 196.00 99.00 127.00
STAB99LD Airbox