STAB99 Airbox

This 'stubby' air box is a great compromise between packaging and getting a reasonable sized filter into an application. We have developed many successful kits around this air box as it is so compact and easy to find somewhere in an engine bay to locate it. Getting cold air to it is often the more difficult packaging issue but 102mm inlet ducting is very flexible and user friendly. This air box also benefits from using our JC60FC filter so is suitable for forced induction applications

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Manufactured in the United Kingdom
Manufactured in the United Kingdom

A - (Length) Measurement taken from airbox inlet (C), to filter spinning outlet (D).
Rebated ARAB Spinning reduces length by approx. 20mm 

B - (Width) Measurement taken at widest point of filter lid spinning.
Do not measure from screw to screw. 

C – Inlet (Dirty air in) measurement taken as internal diameter.
See table for duct sizing guide.

D – Outlet (Clean air out) measurement taken as internal diameter, and relates to ARAB spinning used.
See table for silicone hose sizing guide.

All dimensions are in (mm)

STAB99 Airbox Size Options
Part No. A (Length) B (Width) C (Inlet) D (Outlet)
STAB99/58 248.00 164.00 99.00 61.00 Buy Now
STAB99/60 269.00 164.00 99.00 63.00 Buy Now
STAB99/63 267.00 164.00 99.00 66.00 Buy Now
STAB99/67 269.00 164.00 99.00 70.00 Buy Now
STAB99/67R 242.00 164.00 99.00 70.00 Buy Now
STAB99/70 271.00 164.00 99.00 73.00 Buy Now
STAB99/73 267.00 164.00 99.00 76.00 Buy Now
STAB99/73R 241.00 164.00 99.00 76.00 Buy Now
STAB99/78 260.00 164.00 99.00 81.00 Buy Now
STAB99/84 262.00 164.00 99.00 85.00 Buy Now
STAB99 Airbox