JC20 Single Carburettor Filter

The JC20 range was orginally designed in the 1980s when many cars were still using carburettors not fuel injection. Although fuel injection has been standard fitment for over 30 years there are still many applications for the JC20

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Engine specific base plates

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1493280394-jc20 65.jpg
1493280394-jc20 65.jpg
1493280394-jc20 65.jpg
Manufactured in the United Kingdom
Manufactured in the United Kingdom

A - (Internal Height mm) Distance from face of baseplate and the inside face of the filter

B - (Width mm) External width of the filter not including the lug

C - (Length mm) External length of the filter.

D - (Overall Height mm) Overall external height of the filter


JC20 Single Carburettor Filter Size Options
Part No. A (Internal height) B (Width) C (Length - bottom) C (Length - top) D (Overall height)
JC20/25 25 148 192 192 50 Buy Now
JC20/40 40 148 192 192 65 Buy Now
JC20/65 65 148 192 192 90 Buy Now
JC20/100 100 148 192 192 125 Buy Now
JC20/125 125 148 192 192 150
JC20 Single Carburettor Filter