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Over the years, itg have created the lightest, most capable filters for all fields of motorsport, from Formula 1 to the World Rally Championship.

The same design skills, advanced technology and attention to detail are also used to produce our Profilter range of high grade replacement filters for both road and competition use.

We can build filters to pretty much any size and shape you need within reason - we can build flat panel, cylindrical and domed filters as well as large, one piece sock filters. It's also possible for us to build many of our standard range of filters using different foams or sizes to better suit your needs.
This will make a difference to the specification of foam we may possibly use. We have many different grades and laminates of foam that are all suited to different conditions. Circuit racing applications where there is minimal dust may only require a thin, free flowing foam whereas off road or rally filters will need a thicker foam with higher filtering efficiency, but lower flow rates.
The choice of foam being used will dictate the size of the filter needed. Better filtering efficiency requires finer foams that have lower flow rates, this means that the filter needs to be larger to avoid becoming more restrictive compared to a free flowing filter with low filtering efficiency. For example, on a 200bhp car using free flowing Touring Car foam for circuit use, we would need 250cm² of area compared to 400cm² if using fine G60 foam for a dusty rally stage.
Depending on your setup, you may need to make room for a properly sized filter, there is no point spending lots of money increasing your engines power if you don't leave enough room for a large enough filter , or if the filter doesn't have enough room to breathe properly, if the filter is pushed up against the bulkhead / firewall or the underside of the bonnet / hood, then obviously air won't be able to flow into the filter. A minimum gap of 20mm / 3/4
This is a particular concern for race engines with carburettors or multiple throttle bodies. Some engines experience fuel stand-off where a fine mist of fuel hovers over the rampipes at certain points in the rev range and can be ignited if the engine misfires or spits back a flame. A stainless steel flame trap layer can be added to the inside of domed filters and the underside of panel filters to prevent this happening. This is also recommended for high value classic cars running carburettors or throttle bodies where the risk of an under bonnet fire far outweighs the extra cost involved.
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