These socks are designed to fit over rampipes and are available in two sizes for single socks, and one size for double socks to fit up to 45 DCOE or others carb with 90mm port spacings.

They are to be used where no other solution is available due to lack of fitting space. We can produce custom made socks, so if you have a particular requirement, please contact us.


Part Number: JCS-11

Single 'Small Sock' for smaller OD Airhorns/Rampipes


Part Number: JCS-12

Single 'Large Sock' for large OD Airhorns/Rampipes


Part Number: JCS-21

Double Sock for 45 DCOE or other Carbs with 90mm Port Spacings

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Whenever an ITG filter replaces an original equipment inlet system, the fuel metering systems on an engine may need adjustment to compensate for the change in air flow capacity. (The full engine range should be checked on a rolling road).