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JC90 Multi Carburettor Filters

The JC90 has been specially designed for the Porsche 911 with Weber IDA3C carburettors. The JC90 is supplied with two filters and two baseplates

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Engine specific base plates

Take a look at the link below to see our wide range of air filter base plates

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Manufactured in the United Kingdom
Manufactured in the United Kingdom

A - (Internal Height mm) Distance from face of baseplate and the inside face of the filter

B - (Width mm) External width of the filter not including the lug

C - (Length mm) External length of the filter.

D - (Overall Height mm) Overall external height of the filter

JC90 Multi Carburettor Filters Size Options
Part No. A (Internal height) B (Width) C (Length) D (Overall height)
JC90 80 142 379 105 Buy Now
JC90 Multi Carburettor Filters