6th March 2018
The Best £5000 Hot Hatches

Hot hatches could’ve been built with British roads and British drivers in mind; tight handling, compliant chassis and peppy, rev-happy engines are precisely what the doctor ordered when it comes to tackling our nation’s pock-marked, undulating B-roads, which probably explains why we buy more hot hatches than anyone else. The popularity of the hot hatch […]

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20th April 2018
Testing Times – ITG joins Matt Edwards & M-Sport for a day of mid-season testing in ‘Killer Kielder’

Rallying is largely defined by contrasts, none more so than the gulf between the sport itself and the environment in which it takes place, which is why we find ourselves in the middle of a seemingly peaceful Cumbrian forest at 8.30am on a Thursday morning. We’ve been invited along to Kielder, a place writ large […]

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18th April 2018
Matt Edwards & ITG Victorious On BTRDA Rallynuts Stages

They say that there’s no such thing as an ‘easy’ win in professional motorsport, and while this is almost certainly true overall, the performance of Matt Edwards and Darren Garrod over the course of last Saturday certainly set our minds racing and service park tongues wagging! The Swift Rally Team driver used his ITG-shod Ford […]

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16th April 2018
Gran Turismo: Revisited

A full 21 years on from launch, we take a closer look at the cars of the ‘PlayStation Generation’ and discuss which ITG products you should fit if you’re lucky enough to own one of your own It’s hard to overstate the impact that Gran Turismo tad when launched back in 1997. It wasn’t merely […]

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12th April 2018
Deep Breathing: we look at 5 of the most popular kits in the Maxogen Induction Kit range

Funny thing, automotive induction; it can sometimes seem as if it’s one of the last unbroken links with the old school world of tuning, the world of carb jetting, point setting and manual chokes, and yet it’s anything but a relic of a bygone era. Simply put, a well designed, efficient and free-flowing inlet tract […]

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10th April 2018
BTCC 2018 – Brands Hatch: Rounds 1, 2 & 3

All the action from the opening rounds of the 2018 British Touring Car Championship, including a stunning maiden victory for Power Maxed Racing’s Senna Proctor After what fell like a near interminably long ‘off season’ the British Touring Car Championship finally fired into life at Brands Hatch, the Kent circuit once again playing host to […]

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28th March 2018
BTCC 2018 Fires Into Life

We’re avid followers of motorsport in all its forms here at ITG, though our passion for high-octane action isn’t merely of personal interest, it’s what drives us forward, inspires us to look for innovative solutions to engineering dilemmas, and allows us to test our products in the harshest of conditions. 2018 is shaping up to […]

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16th March 2018
The 10 Greatest French Hot Hatches – and the ITG Filters to Fit Them

No other nation can claim to have mastered the dark art of hot hatch building to quite the same degree as France. French hot hatches, certainly the best ones, tend to be lightweight, low tech and blessed with the kind of keen, pin-sharp handling that only a Gallic hot hatch can offer! France’s mastery of […]

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13th March 2018
Epynt Bites Back

ITG’s Richard Clews endured a frustrating start to the 2018 Protyre MSA Asphalt Championship with retirement from the opening event, the Tour of Epynt It was always going to be a challenging event for all concerned, yet events outside Richard Clews and the rest of the team’s control served to render the opening round of […]

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9th March 2018
Top 10 BTCC Moments

The British Touring Car Championship (BTCC) has been part of the very fabric of the British motorsport community for generations, having first been run as the British Saloon Car Championship a full 60 years ago! With this milestone in mind, and to celebrate the fact that ITG hardware can be found up and down the […]

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7th March 2018
The 10 Greatest Homologation Specials

Homologation. It might not sound like all that much, but few other words mean quite as much to petrolheads of all kinds. Homologation refers to the process by which car manufacturers used to go motor racing, by building a set number of road-going versions of their soon to be race or rally cars, then selling […]

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