6th March 2018
The Best £5000 Hot Hatches

Hot hatches could’ve been built with British roads and British drivers in mind; tight handling, compliant chassis and peppy, rev-happy engines are precisely what the doctor ordered when it comes to tackling our nation’s pock-marked, undulating B-roads, which probably explains why we buy more hot hatches than anyone else. The popularity of the hot hatch […]

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23rd May 2022
Today’s top five four-cylinder engines

Create an Internet search for the greatest four-cylinder engines of all time and it will yield millions of results… all saying essentially the same thing. That the top five four-bangers will probably include such internal combustion luminaries as the Honda F20, Alfa Romeo Twin Spark, Saab B234R, Volvo ‘Red Block’ B230FT and Mitsubishi 4G63. No […]

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27th November 2019
Prep Your Car For A Trackday

There’s pretty much a shortlist to success. You don’t have to drive the fastest thing out there. You just need to have the most fun safely and spend more time on track because your car is super reliable before leaving with a huge grin on your face.  This statement reminds us of a day we […]

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14th November 2019
ITG Air Filters / AET Motorsport Victorious In Time Attack

We’re surely not the only ones who have spotted the mad little Fiesta STs knocking out 300+hp with relative ease of late? Such fireworks in such a tiny car makes for some very exciting road manners indeed, but at AET Motorsport they recently decided to take things one step further and put many valuable years […]

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7th November 2019
Official ITG Air Filter Cleaning Guide

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Keep your foam ITG Air Filter flowing efficiently with our cleaning and maintenance guide using the official ITG cleaning solution and oil system.

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5th November 2019
Top Five Induction Roars – According to us!

This is the most subjective blog we’ve ever written! Purely based on the noise. Emotive it may be, so please do let us know what should be featured in the comments below.   Are naturally aspirated engines generally more exciting to listen to? Perhaps, but only when they’re bouncing off a rev limit that’s set for […]

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20th October 2019
ITG – BTCC Review 2019 Pt.1

As proud sponsors and suppliers of air filters to both the Power Maxed Racing Vauxhall Astras and the Honda Civic Type Rs of Team Dynamics Motorsport, the 2019 BTCC season has been a particularly interesting one for ITG Air Filters.  For decades now we’ve had strong links to competition and a keen motorsport heritage, but […]

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21st August 2019
Top Five (Ford) Escorts

Let’s start off by saying that the use of the word Ford is most definitely advisable when Google searching for Top Five Escorts (thanks to Paddy McGuiness for that one!). The search results we got back weren’t quite the Mexico we were expecting. Anyway… the mighty Dagenham, Cologne and Essex parts bins have collectively churned […]

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5th July 2019
Anti lag – All Just Noise?

It kills turbochargers. It’s incredibly ASBO worthy. “Sounds like it’s broken, mate,” says everyone who hears it.  Lots of onlookers and more than likely all of your family probably think you’re a grade A wally for wanting it, so why has anti-lag remapping, secondary air injection and throttle bypassing become a thing for road cars? […]

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15th June 2019
Battle of the Uber Hatches – Which Is Best?

Which is best? It’s like a game of Top Trumps only with cars that are broadly accessible to the masses. Democratised performance for the petrolhead with a slightly lower penny count, but which would you choose? Can the delicacy of a well-revered front wheel drive champion overwhelm the appeal of 4WD traction and exceptional grip, […]

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10th May 2019
ITG GM – Mr Clews In His Impreza

Check out our gaffer giving it the beans in his Hawkeye Impreza on one of the many stages that he regularly campaigns in as part of the Protyre UK Asphalt Rally Championship.   There’s no doubt about it, and we probably shouldn’t big him up too much, but he can certainly pedal his Impreza rather […]

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